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Oct 30, 2012 9:00am EDT
the winners, so to speak, and the losers because it is asymmetric, right? >>> now last year hurricane irene's initial projections were $7 billion. turned out to be $15 billion. there were a lot of ancillaries once the checks come out from the government and private insurers. stimulus to the gdp. not big enough to move the needle. this one we're getting initial projections is much bigger. the two cohorts in stocks most impacted the home depot-like places, let's call them that, they were basically moved up a day ahead of the storm and then pulled off once the market turned out to be. >> we didn't see much of that on friday in terms of home depot or at lowe's which i thought was interesting and most of the retailers have closed their books on saturday, last saturday, so the impact of the storm won't actually be seen until the following quarter or the next month when they report retail sales. lowe's is the exception. they closed books on saturday. all the runup, the generators they've sold, the batteries, the flashlights, those things were almost sold out pretty much across the board. that shou
Oct 26, 2012 10:00pm PDT
. northeast residents remember hurricane irene in 2011 which caused almost $16 billion in damage. james wald lost his apartment in that storm and he doesn't want to go through that again. >> irene, of course that's a lot of money. we're in a new place and we're trying to make sure that everything works. >> with 64 million people expected to be effected by the storm he's not alone. so far there have been no evacuations throughout the area. of course that is always a precaution and something that may happen, ken, back to you. >> thank you, bo knee that. for a closer look at sandy's path. paul deanna with the pig maps. >> i'll tell you what, this is a big storm which needs a big map. it is a monster storm which caused problems all the way from jamaica, cuba, now moving its way up the eastern seaboard. rain goes all the way up towards the outer banks of north carolina, that's not where the biggest concern is going to be. where the biggest concern is going to be up in the mid atlantic. we look at the storm and how it migrates to the north, watch what happens to this forecast track, staying offsho
Oct 29, 2012 2:05am EDT
irene the waters came within less than a foot from topping the flood walls. now sandy's storm surge is predicted to be even stronger. since irene failed to do the damage here in new york city that many experts predicted. some people like this family who live in the evacuation zone are refusing to heed the warnings for sandy. >> diapers, water, just, you know hoping to make the best of it. >> reporter: there are long lines at the supermarket. >> madhouse today. >> reporter: the streets are crackling with an upbeat preapocalyptic vibe. >> new yorker, what are you going to do? we are a new yorker. >> hard not to enjoy her spirit. the new york stock exchange will be closed. they're worried about keeping the power on all day long. dan harris, abc news, new york. >> it's lick thke that, new yor. keep on trucking. my drugstore was empty. our extreme weather team watching the maps and computer models overnight. >> meteorologist jim dickey joining us this morning with the very latest. what do you have, jim? >> well, sandy continues to churn its way northward. made the turn that was forecast.
Oct 23, 2012 6:00pm PDT
tecnologica de la bahia, apple, ofrece otra opcion a sus millones y millones de clientes... take sot --- irene sans blanca ---san francisco es el veredicto esta claro: todos los periódicos principales se oponen a la proposición 32... incluso la opinión: diciendo que la proposición 32 es "parcial, desbalanceada, y diseñada para favorecer a las corporaciones" por encima de las familias trabajadoras. les da más poder a las compañías petroleras y los súper pacs... mientras nuestras escuelas locales y la seguridad publica pagan el precio. así que vote no a la proposición 32. es injusta. mundial por algunas de sus excentricidad es. cesar ---sin embargo, hay una costumbre de algunos habitantes en el area hacia el norte del vecindario castro que esta causando polemica... y que un miembro del consejo municipal de esa ciudad busca criminalizar..... ---en su reportaje, san francisco al desnudo, pilar nino nos presenta las imagenes que hacen que algunos turistas y residentes vean hacia otro lado... roll open take pkg ;01 ;16 ;45 2;03 2;13 desnudos se pasean vestidos con el traje de adan..desnud
Oct 30, 2012 7:00am EDT
will likely exceed the $12 billion to $16 billion from hurricane irene which battered the northeast in august of 2011 says a chief economist. and an economics professor at smith ity of maryland school of business estimates it will result in about $35 billion to $45 billion total losses. and another company projects $10 billion to $20 billion of damage about half insured. property damage will be repaired and lost economic output will be adjust set by other increased activity as residents prepare for the hurricane. and here is another story about economic impact from "wall street journal." losses may exceed those of the 2011 storm. airlines and shippers expect an extended disruption. will cost them millions of dollars and leave thousands of fliers and goods stranded. airlines will cancel a total more than 14,600 flights as monday and more than the roughly 10,000 canceled due to hurricane irene in 2011. irene comes united continental holdings about $40 million in revenue. delta airlines said hurricane irene forced it to cancel about 2,200 flights costing $15 million in profits. delta has cancele
Oct 27, 2012 10:00pm PDT
-or-treating. >> reporter: now even if irene -- i'm sorry, even if sandy only hits land as a category 1, everyone remembers that last year irene was a relatively low strength storm but caused 15 billion dollars in damages. reporting live, i'm randall pinkston, back to you ann. >>> the water is back on but the people living on treasure island can't use it. what left them without water for nearly 12 hours and what they have to do now to keep from getting sick. >> did somebody mention water? well, by now i'm certain you've heard rain is in the halloween forecast. we fired up the live top top. the tea you -- doppler radar. the day you should anticipate the rain to begin, as eyewitness news continues on cbs 5. woman: oh! tully's. how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa. and you'll always find your favorite. woman #2: with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite. i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. magnitude quake struck can's western coast ab
Oct 30, 2012 1:40am PDT
a blustery, nasty day. >> before this made landfall, this storm seemingly crushed irene. there really is no comparison, right? >> there's no comparison. i guess you could say, this is kind of like new york city's katrina. just devastating impacts here. this historic surge, 13 feet, all that water coming on in and the high wind gusts. worst-case scenario did pan out here unfortunately. >> all right. mark mann cue sew from accuweather. the airlines trying to get back to normalcy and what the red cau cross is doing to help out. >> plus more incredible rescues that didn't have to happen. we'll be right back. en. we'll be right back. >> announcer: "america this morning" brought to you by 5 hour energy. 5-hour energy supports the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. so i can get the energized feeling i need and support a great cause? i'm sold. pink lemonade 5-hour energy? yeah and a portion of every sale goes to the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. i'm sold. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy. get the alert, energized feeling you need and support breast cancer resea
FOX Business
Oct 26, 2012 11:00am EDT
iran, which everybody thought you know, how come we did not get strong winds, irene was dragging in dry air from the west. still a $15 billion store. this comes out from the southeast and the problem you have with that is you look at atlantic city beaches or down in delaware and maryland, those beaches have the water piling up and in. 1944 hurricane destroyed the entire atlantic city boardwalk in past 50-60 miles to the east. this has the possibility to have unprecedented storm surges. i believe it is a pick your poison. if it is further north, you can send a storm surge through long island where you are actually piling water up good this is a very situation. dagen: i love seeing you, joe. next time, i hope it is something else we can talk about. [ laughter ] >> i will come on and talk about nice weather. dagen: thank you. that does not help us at all. you have been talking about this exact type of storm. in memory. several years. thank you so much. eleven days until we go to the voting booth and elect the next president of the united states and that we have this morning's gross domesti
Oct 28, 2012 6:30pm PDT
>>huracán sandy podría ser mucho más devastadoras que irene, y pordrían quedar sin luz por dias. >>es todo por mi parte. >>hay algo que es importante de aclarar, estamos hablando de la tormenta de mayor tamaño, no necesariamente de intensidad, por lo que abarcará a gran parte del país. en nueva york se ordenó evacuacion de 300 mil personas, el alcalde dijo que las personas que no evacuen ponen en riesgo su vida y la de los socorristas, pablo utreras con los detalles desde nueva york >>félix, la ciudad de nueva york y el estado de nueva york continúan preparándose para la llegada de huracán sandy esta noche. se ha estado tomando las medidas desde temprano porque saben que huracán sandy es más peligroso de lo que se imaginan. >>los residentes de nueva york hacen preparativos de última hora. >>árena, para bloquear las puertas. >>residentes de conie island llevaban bolsa de arena. policía y ambulancias en alerta. >>nos vamos a salir, nos vamamva fuera de aquí. >>ypara las áreas bajas, quinns manhattan conie island se ordeno evacuacion para esta tarde. >>el alcalde de nueva york
Oct 30, 2012 12:00pm PDT
the number of i want pacted households as hurricane irene. >> reporter: as new jersey surveys the damage, sandy is now soaking areas inland downing trees and power lines in its path. and new jersey's governor said the losses there are incalculable. certainly in the billions. >> we're just looking at the video all those boats stacked up together and stuff. where do you start on something so massive? >> reporter: well, you just start from the beginning like they are here on delaware shore. already there are earth movers here dumping sand into all the holes that have been made here. the crews are out here already starting to clear the paths and getting the power lines back up. so really it's going to be weeks and months of clean-up and getting everything going again. it's just one day at a time. >> all right, susan mcginnis live in delaware, thank you. >>> and we are just learning that president obama has announced that he is going to travel tomorrow to new jersey to survey some of the damage there. >> indeed. >>> meanwhile, millions of people from maine to the carolinas are without power a
Oct 8, 2012 6:00pm PDT
moncada nos tiene el informe.. blanca ---ahora al pronostico del tiempo.. cesar ---ahora con irene sanz adelante .. take pkg blanca ---nueva pausa, pero en breve... take vo ---un hombre se mete a una tienda con todo y camioneta.. take sot segment ends cesar ---vamos con ramon diaz quien nos trae toda la accion del mundo de los deportes blanca ---adelante ramon. take pkg cesar ---ultima pausa pero a continuacion... take vo ---un grupo de personas se visten de pandas para ayudar a los animales.. segment ends blanca ---veamos las imagenes del dia.. =====================video 1====================== ---impresionante como una camioneta atraviesa la pared de una licoreria en el area de sacramento. --video de seguridad capto las imagenes del impacto directo donde estaba la caja registradora prensando al encargado quien atendia a un cliente...detras del mostrador. --el conductor se echa de reversa y huye pero mas tarde fue arrestado bajo cargos de manejar intoxicado. --el encargado de la tienda fue llevado al hospital y se espera una pronta recuperacion. =====================video 2============
FOX Business
Oct 30, 2012 11:00am EDT
. >> that is true. what happened is we had a combination of hurricane irene and hurricane lee. that happened in 1955 with tremendous amounts of water build up. but in this case, it is the storm surge that did the dirty work because the way turned into the coast. again, i want to stress to people that heat and drought and hurricanes along the eastern seaboard are something we will have to deal with for the next several years because of the overall pattern. cooling pacific very warm and women. then we will be back to where we were in the 60s and 70s again. dagen: left hook of the storm, the ride home untransformed hitting us in new york city. if anything, on the jersey shore, that is different than hurricane irene when we saw it. >> that is exactly right. the hurricane is pushing a hand of water up through. in the 1938 hurricane, it doesn't bring a whole heck of a lot. from the storm passed to the left, it does. 15 feet of water in providence, rhode island. imagine that. 3800 of an inch of rain. less than connecticut, all through the delaware valley, tremendous flooding going on there. the same type o
Oct 29, 2012 6:00pm PDT
. and we went through hurricane irene, tropical storm irene last year, this time last year. but this is a lot worse as far as storm surge down here. again, right now we also know that 400,000 people about are without power here in connecticut. very dire situation. the governor briefing the media in just a little while up in hartford. that's the latest down here in new haven, connecticut. back to you. >> thank you. it's always deadly to underestimate the power of one of those storms. let's turn things over to meteorologist rob mayeda. we're anticipating that bad weather is going to move into that area soon. >> it is approaching from the south. right now, certainly delaware, new jersey and new york seeing the worst of the former hurricane, now just a supercharged nor'easter that is crossing the coast. winds sustained at 80 miles per hour. we have seen gusts closer to 90 miles an hour on long island. everything in purple would be wind gusts at about hurricane strength. that's a large area being impacted there. as that wall of water being pushed by the winds, over the last 24 t
Oct 26, 2012 2:35am EDT
. residents who remember the damage from hurricane irene last year are -- taking these warnings very seriously this time around. further inland they're bracing for the possibility of heavy snow in west virginia, pennsylvania, and as far inland in fact, as ohio. there is a large swath of the country that need to keep an eye on this thing. not just the coastal areas. as far inland as ohio. >> huge ramifications on halloween, dubbing it frankenstorm. >>> trying to predict where the storm is going to go next. all different patterns. >> we don't know 100%. accuweather meteorologist jim dickey joining us this morning with the latest. jim. >> good morning, rob, paula. here its hurricane sandy, a large storm system, center of circulation moving its way northwest out of the, out of the bahamas. will continue to hug the coast of florida here. not making direct landfall. on florida. but still lashing the coast, with some heavy rain through the day, today, through the weekend, hug the coast of the carolinas. makes a turn more to the north-northeast. flooding rainfall potentially. outer banks, north caroli
FOX News
Oct 12, 2012 2:00am PDT
with blame for the administration's failures. irene e-mailed us i am independent registered nonpartisan who will be voting in this election. i found joe biden's performance so offensive i could barely watch it. >>> this is an amazing story. we will tell you all about it. >> can you figure out the word of the day on your screen right now? something we talked about earlier in the show. stick around for the answer. [ giggling ] [ laughing ] [ laughing ] [ laughing ] [ laughing ] ♪ >> two minutes until the top of the hour. we'll look at the good, the bad and ugly. the family dog saved the life of a couple's newborn baby. the partners would not have checked on her if duke hadn't jumped on their bed and shaking it uncontrolably. the twins are fighting the heavy eye lids so they can eat their lunch. oh, you can sleep won and they ended up with more spaghetti on the faces. the ugly. a woman walked out of a store with a wedding dress she didn't pay for . she went in the shop with others posing as a bridal party. >> that is brian. not stealing dresses for you. >> looking at a delayed game. i have n
Oct 26, 2012 6:30pm PDT
fenÓmeno se le llama fran queso storm el recuerdo del paso del huracÁn irene el aÑo pasado estÁ muy fresco. >>> se nunca demasiado todo este lado. >>> yo vivo en un lugar donde hay muchos Árboles y no quiero que uno se caiga en cimienta de mi cama. >>> la cÉlebre tormenta perfecta en el nordeste de estados unidos en 13991 los daÑos alcanzaron los 200 millones de dÓlares. esta vez podrÍa ser diferente. es cree que puede llegar tierra a dentro, complicando el panorama. gaÑ por viento, daÑo por lluvia, incluso daÑo por nieve. >>> lourdes del rÍo, univisiÓn >>> la naturaleza afecta la polÍtica. el huracÁn sandy, ya esta aguando la campaÑa presidencial en momentos que el presidente barack obama imiy mitt romney Án empatados en las encuestas. romney tuvo que kacancelar even en virginia. y el presidente visitara tentativamente virginia, florida y ohio. las que no se detienen son las encuestas nos explica lourdes. >>> anda rondando el fantasma del 2000 cuando george bush gaÓo la no Árida y la elecciÓn por 537 votos, mientras al gore gaÓo el voto popular. en el 2012, la florida es
Oct 26, 2012 5:00pm PDT
as washington state. >> memories of hurricane irene last year that left billions in damage have people determined not to get caught offguard. several states have declared emergencies. people are being told to prepare for the worst, possibly five to seven days without power. reporting live in chesapeake bay peek beach, maryland, i'm dannielle leigh, nbc bay area news. >>> could cord blood be used to cure autism? i'm marianne favro. how a cord registry here in the bay area is playing a critical role in new research. >>> the balance of political power at san jose's city hall lays right here in evergreen. i'm danian trujillo. that's up next. >>> decision 2012 now just 11 days away. nationally and locally, the races are coming down to the wire. among the hottest races in the south bay is the fight for the eighth district seat in san jose. this one district could impact the entire city. nbc bay area's damian trujillo joins us in san jose this evening. damian, why is this race so critical? >> reporter: the battle is between incumbent rose herera and her challenger jimmy wynn. herera says this
Oct 26, 2012 5:30pm PDT
combining the destructive power of hurricane irene, which did $14 billion in damage last year, with the punishing nor'easter of 2009 that brought catastrophic flooding. and then, add in a freezing cold winter temperature, all in one storm. >> this storm is going to be destructive, historic and unfortunately, life-threatening. >> reporter: another fear, the extreme coastal surge that's expected. anywhere from 4 to 10 feet. areas like washington, d.c. are already vulnerable to flooding, and because of the full moon monday, which means higher than normal tides, places like atlantic city could see a swamping ten-foot storm surge. that's also possible for new jersey and new york, where evacuation orders may be enforced in coastal areas. even new york city's subways are at risk of flooding. mayor bloomberg says they may be closed as sandy approaches. for more on the damage sandy is already doing, we go up the florida coast to my extreme weather team colleague ginger zee. ginger? >> reporter: sam, cocoa beach is known as one of the widest beaches in the state of florida, but not toni
Oct 2, 2012 5:00pm PDT
if there are young children around. >> reporter: ever since irene curtis stopped smoking, she has hated breathing in someone else's smoke and in a community where few people light up, there was more than enough support for the san rafael city council to approve a strict new antismoking law. >> the only person who spoke against it believes that it was it wasn't strict enough. >> reporter: even this smoker is for it. >> i don't mind the laws at all. you know, just because people smoke doesn't mean it's fair for other people who don't want to smoke, the secondhand smoke. >> reporter: the ordinance bans smoking in apartments, condos, parks, all sidewalks and pedestrian areas downtown, bus stops, restaurant patios, and even cautions against actors smoking on stage. one smoker says it's illogical. >> it's ludicrous. just because they are still selling tobacco and all the smoke shops and all the stores. >> reporter: the city says its goal is to improve public health and reduce litter. and litter is a big issue. in two months, one group collected 230,000 cigarette butts which is why they won't ban ashtra
Oct 30, 2012 4:30am PDT
during hurricane irene and it could take airlines days before they return to their normal operations. here at sfo i want to show you the departure board. you can see all of these cancellations but look at this right here t says that one of the flights going to new york is on time. now, as the storm changes throughout the day, flights could change, as well. so the best thing that travelers can do, check your flight status early. keep in mind that it could change and if you do need to make any changes try to do it at home over the phone or on your computer so that you can avoid the lines at the airport. at sfo, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> thank you. >>> a fire in a new york city neighborhood flooded by super storm sandy destroyed at least 50 homes. more than 190 firefighters still battling the blaze this morning. it's in queens. firefighters say about 25 people are trapped in the upstairs unit of the apartment building and that some rescues are now being carried out by boat because of chest-high water on the street. >>> president barack obama has declared a major disaster in new york
Oct 30, 2012 6:00pm PDT
afectados por el paso del huracan irene en ese mismo territorio en 2011. muchas casas fueron arrancadas de sus cimientos, carros terminaron volcados y hasta un juego mecanico fue arrastrado por el agua.. mayra tostado. noticiero telemundo 48. cesar ---ambos candidatos a la presidencia han tenido que suspender sus campaÑas proselitistas por sandy... take vo ---pero hoy el presidente barack obama, hablo con su equipo de seguridad nacional y pidio a todas las agencias federales que hagan todo lo posible para ayudar a los damnificados por la tormenta... ---el mandatario anuncio que continuara en la capital de la nacion, para cerciorarse personalment e que todos los recursos federales sean proporcionados a las labores de rescate emprendidas por gobiernos estatales y locales... topvo blanca ---mientras que aqui en la bahia, la empresa energtica pg&e informo que enviara 150 de sus empleados y equipo, a la ciudad de nueva york para ayudar a restaurar el servicio elctrico que fue suspendido tras el paso de "sandy". ---los empleados de la compaÑia en la bahia y el valle central partiran esta noche
Oct 29, 2012 8:00pm PDT
with the cold air. however, irene... dissipated in strength but not this one. but the purple, blue, the pink are all flood wind and snow warnings. there is a lot going on and as i mentioned it is going to be rather stagnant. we are going to see out regis ringbolt accumulations not to mention the storm surge is coming in from the ocean without regis rainfall out reg--outrageous we will see some rain but nothing compared to the east coast. that is not going to be impacting us until the end of the week by thursday. dense fog, overnight over the golden gate. with reduced visibility. sunny, mild and the more cloud coverage and cooler temperatures. the chance of rain, later for tonight. taking a look at the dense fog advisory. visibility will be sharply reduced in the areas that we see white. and keep that in mind for your morning commute. the 70's with 72 in santa rosa, '60s and '70s to pleasanton. 73 and san jose. it is not expected to push through until i said until wednesday morning. the clouds will repressing in for the giants. drizzle and we can see that it is well offshore. by 8:00 p.m. it
FOX News
Oct 27, 2012 3:00am PDT
say it can be worse than irene. >> don't pay attention to it being downgraded. it doesn't mean anything. it's not really completely a tropical storm. it's going to be transitioning to what we kind of consider a nor'easter. we are accustomed to nor'easters. that kind of a event. moisture associated with a tropical storm. tropical storm holds a lot more water in the atmosphere as it transitions. that water is still going to be there radar picture showing the rain is following across parts of the carolinas. the rain is going to be heavy all day. battering waves, a lot of wind. beach erosion and that sort of thing here. go forward on the track of this storm. continues to move northeast. takes this unprecedented left-hand hook. that's where we've begin to go through a transition to a different type of a storm. people are used to hurricanes strengthening when there is warm water. this isn't going to be strengthening for those purpose purposes. snran way a nor'easter strengthens. european model track shows this. right around parts of jiewj. i want to point out other things on this map
Oct 29, 2012 3:00am PDT
a tropical storm force. >> bill: how does this compare to irene? >> irene -- it is bigger in diameter and in terms of forward speed it is moving slower. let's take new york city for example. it is the worst case sen their you in terms of what is the worst side of the storm you could be on? when you are on the eastern quadrant that is usually where the winds are the strongest and that's why we're expecting the high water rise. >> bill: all right. ray stagich on such a busy day you are so good to spend time with us. appreciate it. >> all right. thank you. >> bill: nobody knows it better than these guys. is what they live for, and we depend on them. >> yeah. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." ♪ because again, we're in the oh my goodness! oh my gosh this looks amazing! that's a good deal! [ man ] wow! it is so good! [ male announcer ] our new maine stays! 15 entrees under $15 seafood, chicken and more! oo! the tilapia with roasted vegetables! i'm actually looking at the wood grilled chicken with portobello wine sauce. you so fascinated by the prices, you
FOX Business
Oct 26, 2012 1:00pm EDT
. hurricane irene only missed eight inches last year. the storm surge from sandy will be similar to irene's. melissa: in terms of dollar value is that all damage or do you take into account loss of production tuft and -- productivity as people stay home and don't do anything or spend money. >> i'm just talking about insured damage. >> a lot of people are hitting the stores trying to stock up ahead of this. in some way there is some juice to the economy as people panic and go to the stores, right? >> yeah, sure. i've heard that beer and pop-tarts are the big sellers right before a hurricane. >> yeah. so, there is no other potential path now this storm as far as you see it? sometimes, and we get these questions a lot from viewers, we gear up for this big event and comes through and it is kind of no big deal. any chance of that? >> somebody is going to get it and it is going to be somewhere along the coast from probably virginia to new york. so maybe if you're in virginia it goes north, you say, well, this was no big deal. but that means up in new york they're really going to get the bankrup
FOX Business
Oct 30, 2012 9:20am EDT
,000 by hurricane irene 2011 quote the largest storm related outage in our history and again, 1.2 million, pl and without electricity at this hour and we're going to keep following this for you, they had 25,000 power crews on stand by that they brought in according to pepco, the utility in washington d.c. and 25,000 men and women additional force flown in from mexico, canada, and washington state poise today dispatch the crews. charles: it's a herculean effort or a herculean task. a lot of people without power, thanks, adam. >> you've got it. charles: joining us a spokeman for con-ed, the utility company in new york city, alfonso, can you fill us in on how things are looking. >> sure thing. the updated number for people in new york city and westchester county and that number is actually 729,000 customers out throughout new york city and westchester county and we're looking at about, in manhattan, where the bulk of them are at at this point, 240,000 customers out. charles: alfonso, how does con edison assess where to go initially, to to help initially, is there a system for figuring out priori
FOX News
Oct 26, 2012 6:00am PDT
on the east coast. concerns it could hammer areas hit hard by hurricane irene. that was in august of 2011. crews are now getting ready for that. have a listen. >> just taking precautions. 75 yards off the river. full moon tide, hurricane, a lot of wind. it is going to come. just a matter how much. >> you get cinder blocks. we put stuff upstairs. like big stuff like tvs couches tables. stuff in the kitchen we move in case the water gets super high. >> try to be as prepared as you can. there are only some things you can do. we hope and pray the storm goes east. bill: those folks are in florida. janice dean in the fox news extreme weather center where she will stay until tuesday or wednesday of next week. >> or thursday. bill: what do you see right now, jd? >> as you mentioned we've got a lot of things coming together. we have kind of an atmospheric traffic jam that will allow this storm system to move northward and back up into the coast. this is the arctic cold front that will kind of break down as it moves eastward. that will allow this system to move westward. so right now, a hurricane 8
Oct 30, 2012 7:00am PDT
. irene on the right. and sandy is about twice as large as last year's irene. this year's storm made landfall yesterday. shortly after being downgraded from hurricane status. >>> next week voters -- measure n would add a one-cent per ounce tax on sodas. the no on measure n campaign has spent $2.5 million to blanket live monday -- richmond with billboards at a town hall meeting last night, richmond's mayor says the measure n is a good way to begin the fight against obesity. >> we know that soda is the perfect place because it gets no nutritional value. it's empty calories. >> this tax is gonna equate -- is an aggressive tax that will result in higher grocery bills. >> the no on measure n campaign is funded by the beverage industry. if it passes, richmond could become the first in the country to impose the tax. >>> and giants' fans are beying up world series championship gear. federal agents are warning you make sure what you are buying is legal. the giants' dugout store at the ballpark was busy. they are expecting bigger crowds before and after the parade. the merchandise there, that'
Oct 20, 2012 4:00pm EDT
, and irene, lost their home so they came over and they stayed with sheridan and his brother at their home, which was not damaged by the fire. so they were married, and he ended up having three daughters and a son. and she was, i think in her early 20s when they married in 1875, and he was 42 or something like that. very happy marriage, and then they all moved to washington when he became general in chief. but he did not have a home life. his life was the army. >> he was there because of the expansion of the north. was it just northerners or was it southerners in the manifest destiny, too? >> they were into it, too. definitely. >> what happened with regard to -- if the south had won. >> i think so. they were into it because the -- before the war because they hoped to get more slave states and keep the balance in congress and everything. but, yeah, there were southerners -- but the great majority, i would say, just because of the way the population was, and the immigrants all came into the northeast. they kind of flowed from the northeast, through the midwest, and on out. but there were som
Oct 21, 2012 7:30am EDT
the great chicago fire. she was just a teenager, and rucker and his wife and irene lost their home. so they came over, and they stayed with sheridan and his brother at their home which was not damaged by the fire. so they were married, and he ended up having three daughters and a son, and she was, i think, in her early 20s when they married in 1875. and he was 42 or something like that. they had a very happy marriage. and then she -- they all moved to washington went he became general in chief. but before that he did not have a home life at all. i mean, his life was the army. yes. >> [inaudible] into the west, and he was out there because of the expansion. was it just northerners, or were the southerners into manifest destiny too? >> oh, they were into it too. yeah, definitely. >> so it would have happened regardless if the south had won? >> i think so. they were into it before the war because they hoped to get more slave statements out there, too, and -- states out there, too, and keep the balance in congress and everything. yeah, there were southerners. but the great majority, i woul
FOX Business
Oct 25, 2012 5:00pm EDT
than that? >> hurricane irene was a $4.3 billion storm. the perfect storm from 1991 was a $200 million storm. this one, very likely will be a billion dollar storm because of all of the area, so much population. think about all the beaches you love to go to, the jersey shore. all those beaches on long island. these beaches in many cases will be destroyed. a lot of homes will be significantly damaged. this is going to be a very major storm. we talk about this so significantly now. so people can take all the preparations to, protect for any kind of loss of life but also their property. make all the arrangements now that you can do, so we get through this as much of an orderly fashion as i can. melissa: i'm terrified. the whole studio is sitting here with their mouths wide open. thank you for coming on the show. >> my pleasure. melissa: next on "money", a single speed camera in the nation's capital is financial terminator. it has fined so many people it could support six madison square gardens. but you can never have too many tickets, take it from me. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] it was
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Oct 31, 2012 1:00pm PDT
and it is getting colder. it is not like we didn't know the storm was coming. we had learning moments with irene and another winter storm that hit us with a punch and a lot of the simple things they do not communicate properly and we do not have the out of state crews work properly with our local utilities and con-ed still is not delivering dry ice. i have been personally out there delivering the try ice that has been provided and when you get off the back of the truck the ice was gone. people need it. >>neil: but it is more than that. i know in tokyo or places that are ravaged by earthquakes and tsunamis with each one they build a stronger building, but here, they build the same transformer that is no more upgraded to withstand serious weather than the prior one and we are right back in the same pot. >>guest: i share the senate homeland security committee and i will reach out and continue to reach out to the governor and my colleague, outside of new york -- outside of jerusalem, new york city is the number one target for terrorists. the utilities view manpowers and hours as an expense and new y
Oct 28, 2012 8:30am PDT
: there is. people here dealt with hurricane irene a year ago and they are taking this one even more seriously. the mandatory evacuation is up until 8:00 p.m. tonight. people are boarding up their homes and businesses and heading out of town. they are patiently waiting in line at gas stations and taking it seriously and getting out. >> susan mcginnis, thank you. >> and brian, you have been watching this storm. how has it been looking from our advantage? >> it is on track off the coast of new england and moving parallel to the shoreline as you can see right now. the hurricane force winds will overspread the east coast by tomorrow morning. we will have the latest on cbs this morning beginning at 4:30 arm on monday. you can see right now they are picking up rein and winds. the full moon tomorrow will be combined with the storm to increase the risk of storm surge from all of this. so, not only will there be winds approaching hurricane strength, but flooding, 6 to 12 inches of rain mikely near the path of this -- likely near the path of this and power gusts of up to 40 miles per hou
Oct 28, 2012 7:00am PDT
last year tropical storm irene you may recall wasn't really that devastating. this system is going to be about two to three times more powerful when it moves onshore. you can see estimated rainfall. anywhere from 7 to 13 inches of rain and that does not include the storm surge so we're talking about storm surge up to three to five feet. that's the whole ocean moving in. if you have been to new york city, you know the lay of the land. it's very low there. our thoughts and prayers go out to the folks in new england. as far as our home temperatures go, we'll look at comfortable conditions. 78 in oakland. 78 in santa cruz. comfortable in san francisco at 74. seven-day forecast does tell the story. here it is. wednesday into thursday in a rain arrives. it will be late. if you have plans to take the kids out first perhaps for trick-or-treating, you and your two daughters, the cobra and giraffe, if you are making plans to head out, it looks good. keeping our fingers crossed. an important forecast to watch. we'll watch this this week. rob mayeda will be in. it looks good. keep the fingers
Sep 30, 2012 11:00pm PDT
johnson has more. >> when irene medina returned to high school this fall she had plenty of stories to tell about her summer job. >> i did my first surgery in iraq. it was interesting and exciting for me. >> instead of flipping burgers , she was helping researchers at ucsf understand brain function. it is helping newborn infants survive brain traumas and other injuries. >> i started thinking, what they are doing is something great. >> across the bay at the university of california, they were doing great science too working on a study that could some day help human muscles regenerate. >> we saw improved muscle regeneration, actually. it was interesting. >> the path into these high end labs began with internship programs from the california institute of regenerative medicine. once in the program they are assigned mentors to gather them in real life lab assignments. >> they get down to the genetic level and cellular level, and they really understand that their specific part of the project including the literature. >> the grants help fund internships including at ucsf, children's berkeley. >> i
Oct 1, 2012 2:00am PDT
. >> when irene medina returned to high school this fall she had plenty of stories to tell about her summer job. >> i did my first surgery in iraq. it was interesting and exciting for me. >> instead of flipping burgers , she was helping researchers at ucsf understand brain function. it is helping newborn infants survive brain traumas and other injuries. >> i started thinking, what they are doing is something great. >> across the bay at the university of california, they were doing great science too working on a study that could some day help human muscles regenerate. >> we saw improved muscle regeneration, actually. it was interesting. >> the path into these high end labs began with internship programs from the california institute of regenerative medicine. once in the program they are assigned mentors to gather them in real life lab assignments. >> they get down to the genetic level and cellular level, and they really understand that their specific part of the project including the literature. >> the grants help fund internships including at ucsf, children's berkeley. >> i think it is an e
Oct 30, 2012 11:30pm PDT
as to when the lights will come back on. >> during irene it took eight days for full restoration for hurricane sandy it may take longer. >> reporter: the new jersey governor chris christie took a tour of the destruction and consoled home openers that lost everything. >> very difficult day, very difficult day. >> reporter: new jersey is not the only state recovering today. officials are saying the worse is behind them. >> it's the beagaining o a process we all know will take a while but this is the end of the downside and hopefully from here is going up. >> and you heard governor christie he said nothing prepared him for what he saw when he got out to tour the damaged area. he will do the same with president obama. >>> all right, thank you craig. from new jersey we go to our weather center our chief meteorologist. what's the situation now with that massive storm. >> the storm is still massive. the worse is over. that tial surge, the big surf of last night that's when the real problems happen. we're going to see continued sunshine. over the next 24 hours it makes it way into easte
Oct 2, 2012 6:00pm PDT
around. >> reporter: ever since irene curtis stopped smoking, she has hated breathing in someone else's smoke and in a community where few people light up, there was more than enough support for the san rafael city council to approve a strict new antismoking law. >> the only person who spoke against it believes that it was it wasn't strict enough. >> reporter: even this smoker is for it. >> i don't mind the laws at all. you know, just because people smoke doesn't mean it's fair for other people who don't want to smoke, the secondhand smoke. >> reporter: the ordinance bans smoking in apartments, condos, parks, all sidewalks and pedestrian areas downtown, bus stops, restaurant patios, and even cautions against actors smoking on stage. one smoker says it's illogical. >> it's ludicrous. >> one person hasn't changed his ways. >> i think a lot of people are still going to smoke just because a lot of people are addicted to cigarettes. just because they are still >> reporter: the city says its goal is to improve public health and reduce litter. and litter is a big issue. in two months, one gr
Oct 26, 2012 5:00pm PDT
irene which caused over a billion dollars damage. >> i live right by the water. we flood really bad. >> i think the storm is coming. there's not going to be much left. >> we flooded but it didn't get in my house. so i'm going to wait and see. >> reporter: evacuations ordered for cape may and the jersey barrier islands. the nation's capital is in the path. residents plan to start sandbagging this weekend. hundreds of thousands could be without power. extensive damage in jamaica. winds are 80 miles an hour moving north. should hook left monday. models predict a conjunction of weather systems similar to the famous perfect storm exactly 21 years ago. the national hurricane center predicts over 10 inches of rain, 2 feet of snow and extensive flooding. they say this storm could last through thursday. several airlines are now offering free rescheduling for passengers whose flights may be affected. reporting live, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> what sandy looks like from the international space station. we sped up the video to joy how the storm moved. nasa is following sandy with its
Oct 30, 2012 5:00pm PDT
heard governor chris christie. back during irene, they had more flooding. the governor will be touring the damage tomorrow along with president obama. right now we're live in abseca, new jersey, craig boswell. >>> member of california's national guard and emergency management agencies are heading to the east coast. the national guard is sending two helicopters and two para helicopter teams. >>> now we showed you yesterday here at five clock how that super storm is affecting bay area air travel. today the situation is easing just a bit. ktvu's paul chambers live at sfo with the one thing there that seems to be saving some passengers from misery. >> reporter: the effects can still be felt in the bay area. however there is hope airport officials say some cities have limited service. >> reporter: if you're headed to or coming from the east coast the signs for your flight replains the same. cancelled. 115 in all here at sfo. >> a large number of cancellations, the difference is today we are beginning to see some limited flights coming from the west coast to primarily boston and washington,
Oct 26, 2012 1:40am PDT
in damage that hurricane sandy will leave in its wake. >> it can be worse than irene did damage up here last year. >>> a look now at your weather on this friday morning while things are still relatively calm. what a rough news day, man. miami, daytona, and orlando could see squalls at a result of hurricane sandy. a new storm system brings rain and snow to the pacific northwest. meanwhile, santa ana winds blow through southern california again. >> mild and humid in baltimore, no, and boston. billings warms up to 34. sounds like a warm-up. and so much colder than usual. >> break out the tank tops. >> that's right. omaha and kansas city are in the mid-40s. >>> and now in the race to finish line in the campaign for president, our latest poll shows the candidates are still close. governor romney's lead is growing. with 11 days to go our abc news/washington post poll showing romney with 50% support among likely voters versus 47% for president obama. but that 3-point difference is still within the margin of error. >>> another key race with national implications is unfolding in the state of massachu
Oct 27, 2012 7:00am PDT
the storm could be stronger than irene which cause more than $15 million in damage last year. strong wind from the hurricane could be health 100 miles -- be felt 100 miles away. >> going to be high winds and rain what we expect so you don't want debris around the house. travel plans should be changed. >> winds are reported to be up to 75-miles an hour. the hurricane was down graded to a tropical storm but was then upgraded again. it has gained strength. >> who knows where it'll make landfall. for more on the path let's check in with rosemary. >> good morning to you. giving you a look at sandy. it's churning off the carolina coast. it'll run parallel through the weekend. normally it would continue this track but we have a pattern blocking it from moving this direction so it's expected to swing west in the coming days. this is the second system that's going to bring it real trouble. we have a cold system, a warm system and the two colliding are going to be major impacts to areas along the east coast and seaboard. we have a forecast here that runs, it looks like between washington and ne
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